a letter to my future daughter

To my daughter,

“I have always loved you.”

Those words I heard for me, but as I prayed to break the generational stronghold that had been passed down from my mother’s birth mother, I knew those words were for you too.

Your grandmother’s biological mother abandoned her as a baby. Your grandmother’s earliest days were spent in a crowded orphanage in Seoul, underfed and underloved. She was adopted by an American family and grew up in New York. Although she was raised with love, she unknowingly carried a spirit of abandonment, rejection, and death with her that had been given to her from her birth parents.

Unknowingly, it was passed to me.

I am responsible for my actions, just as we all are, but I have been learning that there are spiritual forces everywhere, which encourage us to act in one way or the other. I am still new to discerning spiritual things, but I will teach you what I know.

Although my mother decided for herself to reject me, she doesn’t realize there are powers in the spirit realm lying to her and justifying her choices. She doesn’t realize that she inherited a spiritual genetic heritage from her birth parents that provokes her to hurt others because of the sin committed against her.

My struggle is not against my mother. The battle is not against people. 

My precious, beautiful daughter: I want you to receive all the blessings I have to offer, all the blessings from my parents and my parents’ parents that are in our family line. I am not ignorant enough to think you will not have mommy issues of your own, but I firmly believe that you will have fewer issues than I have, and that your children’s children will have even fewer than you. I have faith that from whatever hurts you encounter, you will receive complete healing and freedom sooner than I did, and that the pain of rejection and abandonment will not be among them.

I believe that even though the darkness gets darker, the light grows brighter. I believe that you are blessed because of the work God is doing in me, that it will make a difference in the life you live, that it alters the paths of future generations to rise up higher. Because of the love and truth I am learning to receive, you will be loved with greater capacity and more tangible hope. You will hear my voice and hear my heart’s intention, and in turn know the Father’s heart for you. You will experience the love of God and feel his words resonate inside your being:

“I have always loved you.”



2 thoughts on “a letter to my future daughter

  1. yes.. generational stronghold will stop with your family. You will be able to give and make the God-centered God-loving family you never had. I had kinda similiar journey too (although I’m yet to be married haha)… My family’s struggle is something different, but the impact was still dark and heavy for generations. Like you, I prayed so long.. I was afraid my own family will suffer… turn out just like it always have been. But last summer, God made it clear that all generational curses are ending with me. my family. no more. freed.. because my family will belong to the Lord. And me and my husband will raise our kids in God’s love.. that I didn’t know growing up.

    well.. this was beautiful… and made me think about my own journey too.. and my own thoughts on my future children. family haha.

    And… I didn’t know you were at least quarter korean… I think that’s pretty awesome (because I’m korean…? :)


    1. Linda! Thanks for sharing that with me! Yes, we are a new generation, and everything can be made new :) I’m so glad I have this time before we have children to dream intentionally about how life will be different for our kids. Thanks for your encouragement, as always :)

      And yes, I’m a quarter Korean, half Chinese, and a quarter Caucasian of some sort :) One day I want to write a historical prophetic fiction about my mother’s birth parents…


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