things you can totally say to me while i’m pregnant

There are lots of things people say that offend pregnant women. Then again, there are lots of things people say that offend people in general. Personally, I love any question that is asked in an honest effort to understand or show me I am cared for.

Pregnancy is mysterious and fascinating and everyone experiences it differently. I happen to be an expert on my experience, and I love to share my expertise. Here are some things I don’t mind hearing in the least:

“Was it planned?”

It’s kind of a strange question because you’re asking about my sex life, but there’s more to it than that. With so many birth control options and perspectives on making babies, I am happy to tell you my story and how my thinking has changed over the past several years.

“How many kids do you want?”

I have no idea, but I like when people ask this because then I can reply with my charm and wit: “One at a time!” Baby brain is real, so when I have a prepared answer, I can’t wait to remember what I want to say and actually say it.

“You’re huge!”

OMG thank you! I would much rather hear that I’m large than small. I’ve gained almost 35 lbs and that weight is not hiding – I feel it every time I stand up, roll over, laugh, or basically try to do anything. My body has put a lot of effort and hormones into growing so big and beautiful (and emotional) and it doesn’t want to be ignored.

“Any news?”

Towards the end of pregnancy, I see how it could get annoying to be bombarded with constant inquiries of “Did you have the baby yet?” However, I choose to interpret it as: “I am so excited about the birth of your baby! Here is a conversation starter for you to talk about yourself and update me on whatever you’d like!”

Have any questions for me? Come over for some homemade kombucha (I’m GBS positive, so loving the probiotics) or say whatever you’d like in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “things you can totally say to me while i’m pregnant

  1. Hahaha… you crack me up. When people ask “Any news?” and the baby is obviously not here yet, the implications of that are rather…um…personal. I mean, the midwife/doctor might have given you some inside information on how your body is getting ready, but it’s not always info you want to volunteer. Especially in mixed company if you know what I mean… I worked with medical professionals while I was pregnant and they kept asking questions and sharing things, and I got REALLY uncomfortable at times. Sounds like you’re not so easily embarassed, though.

    We are counting down the days til we get to meet this little guy! If you feel so inclined to send out a text when things start rolling, I’d love to be praying for you.

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    1. I totally see how that could be super uncomfortable! But my tendency is usually towards over-sharing and making OTHER people uncomfortable. It’s an area of growth for me and I’ve grown more discerning in the past few years :)

      I will shout from the rooftops when labor starts! I love prayers! Thanks friend <3


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