how to embrace the season you’re in

Being a stay-at-home wife of a full-time student is hard. Being a mom of two under two is demanding. Living in Denver is expensive. Living far away from family is lonely. There are moments I feel frustrated, but I honestly love my life. Here are some ways I’ve found helpful to embrace my season, find my rhythm, and take advantage of today:


When I’m busy being thankful for all the good in my life, I don’t have time to complain or feel critical, jealous, or defeated. What I focus on grows, and gratitude begets contentment. A wealth mindset that emphasizes abundance allows me to experience more freedom in and over my life because I’m not a victim of things I lack.


Treat each new season as new. I don’t wear snow boots year round because each season requires different clothing, activities, and habits. The same goes for the seasons of my life. I used to have more relational energy, and now most of it goes to my family. I used to have an impeccable memory, and now I’m sleep-deprived and forget things. Each season presents new lifestyle changes and should also include different self-expectations.


Sometimes my husband and I look at each other and ask: “Why don’t we have any money?” And then we remind ourselves of what we chose: to invest in his education, to start a family, to go without luxuries while the kids are young and won’t miss them. (We still play with kitchen utensils and trash.) The days are long, but the seasons are short and the years keep going faster and faster. The future will come before I know it.


I don’t want to live for tomorrow because the only time I’m guaranteed is this very moment. I definitely want another baby, but the only baby I’m promised is the one I’m holding in my arms. When life gets tough, I don’t want to spend my days wishing them away, dreaming of 5 years from now when the kids are in school, of 20 years from now when I have more freedom with my time. I want to enjoy my life now.


I’m trying to make the most of having little kids: reading books with them on my lap, favoring snuggles over productivity, dressing up in matching outfits. In every season, I can chase after any number of pursuits, but there are some opportunities that won’t come around again. I’ve been tempted to go back to school, to go back to work, but I keep choosing to spend my days with my kids. They’re only small once.


What are you doing to fully embrace your current season?


2 thoughts on “how to embrace the season you’re in

  1. You are approaching this all with such the RIGHT attitude. As much as I hate to sound cliche’ — it all truly does by so quickly!

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  2. Oh, and to answer your question here is what I am doing…I have 1 question I am asking myself of late: “Do my short term actions align with my long term goals?” In this question I use the the word “goals” to cover a lot of territory, from simple, straight-forward health and education goals, to big, deep, things like purpose & personal values.

    I have also adopted a mantra I often repeat these days: “Trust the process.”

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