2018: precision

Every year really is so different. Every year I really am so different.

Since 2014, I have chosen a “guiding word” for the new year. I reflect on the past year, consider the desires of my heart, and identify what changes I want to make. I scan through a list of more than 1000 feelings, values, and actions. And this year, I knew immediately: “mastery.”

For years, I’ve considered going back to school. I’ve been accepted to several master’s programs, including social work, education, and counseling. But my choices reveal my heart. I have yet to ever matriculate, and last year I realized I might not ever go to grad school, because I don’t want to do it. And I was finally at peace with that decision.

This year I want to specialize and simplify. In everyday life: my stuff, my relationships, my schedule. In my long-term goals as a yoga teacher and practitioner. Last April, I signed up to pursue my advanced yoga teacher training. It’s a year-long 300-hour program starting in January, and it’s kind of like my master’s in yoga.

It’s going to be a great year.