versions of me

WHAT IF MY LIFE LOOKED DIFFERENT? It started in elementary school. My kindergarten teacher recommended I skip 1st grade, but my mom didn’t want my younger sister and I to be farther apart in school. I always wondered, if I were a year ahead, would I be more motivated? If I tried harder, would I have … More versions of me

finding my purpose

Dear younger self, I know you are obsessed with finding your purpose. You say you don’t care about making friends, getting married, having kids — I admire your focus and conviction, but you don’t have to sacrifice relationships in order to be successful. In fact, there is one relationship in particular you need more than … More finding my purpose


Soon after we moved to Florida, we looked around our newly-Ikea-furnished apartment, small, simple, and happy, and observed how surprisingly easy it was for people to settle down. To create a safe place, grow roots, get comfortable. Originally, all I wanted to do was be abroad. I planned to live overseas for the next five … More post-wanderlust